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thank you for checking out my site!! :3 feel free to leave a message in the guestbook or email me at sleepycrossing@proton.me

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    who am i?

    (read right to left!)

    my name is mallow and i am in my 20s!

    i am generally a pretty introverted person, but i enjoy getting the chance to understand people. i really like media that provides a glimpse into people's inner worlds, which is why i was drawn to neocities!

    in my day to day life, i work as a fulltime concept artist! my hobbies and interests include drawing, listening to music and making playlists, internet culture and fandom, and reading/playing games/watching things. i like to go on long walks and zone out. also i make a lot of typos - i try to correct them but if you notice any, i am sorry!!!

    (a general note - all dates on this site are written in dd/mm/yy format!)

    my favourite moments

    • lying in bed when you just changed the sheets... the feeling of falling asleep
    • listening to a good song and imagining the dramatic scene of your favourite characters
    • putting on perfume after a shower
    • walking early in the morning