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welcome!! i'm trying to rediscover my passion for making art - this is where i will be documenting my journey: the things i try, the discoveries i make and my thoughts along the way!

this site contains 18+ content and is not optimised for mobile!

site updates

  • 18/12/23 - log update... it's been a while!!

  • 17/10/23 - log update, plus a bunch of bg3 art added to gallery!

  • 16/09/23 - new update, plus new art added to gallery. baldur's gate 3 has taken over my life...

  • 20/08/23 - new additions to august log, diary, media log and resources page

  • 11/08/23 - new update to start off the august log, some updates to the media log

  • 30/07/23 - new update to july log and some more art in the gallery!

  • 20/07/23 - lots of new art added to gallery! site buttons created! added button wall, new diary entry, new art logs, minor adjustments to site layout.

  • 17/07/23 - tabs for montly logs and gallery pages created! new art added to gallery, new links added to resources page, new diary entry

  • 13/07/23 - new july art log entries, updates to media log. previous monthly log page created

  • 30/06/23 - gallery page has been created - shared some art there! + a new june log entry

  • 23/06/23 - re-added the welcome page (made some art for it too!!), some updates to the june log

  • 10/06/23 - site has been remade with a new focus on art development!

  • 21/03/23 - media page created + new diary entry! if you checked out my site over the past few week or so, thank you for stopping by! :D

  • 12/03/23 - button created! takeshi obata analysis written, welcome page removed

  • 07/03/23 - diary entry!!

  • 05/03/23 - site overhaul is done!!! now with an art page! more info on the about page too

  • 23/02/23 - guestbook added wahooo!!!

  • 20/02/23 - new diary entry and minor adjustments to the home page

  • 19/02/23 - created basic index, home, about and diary pages! now i want to figure out how i want to organise and present my interests.

  • 17/02/23 - website created, temporary intro page created