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notes and links to things that inspire me!

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    i want to live and create sincerely and authentically!


  • 'How to fall in love with art again' by ChromaMoma
  • 'TB Choi’s 7 Steps to Drawing' by Proko - on technical skill
  • 'Ursula and Inspiration' - clip from Kiki's Delivery Service
  • 'Hayao Miyazaki | The Mind of a Master' by Any-Mation
  • 'How to Draw like Kim Jung Gi' by Proko - on visualisation and mileage
  • 'The 11 Steps to Great Gesture Drawing' by Love Life Drawing - my favourite life drawing video, covers so much
  • 'how I find art inspiration ✿ my artist journey so far' by Sketches of Shay - lovely video on how simple things can inspire a body of work
  • 'how to keep a sketchbook (and not feel lost) ✿ 5 simple sketchbook tips!' by Sketches of Shay - for when you're not sure how to fill your sketchbook or what to draw
  • SomaFM - my fave online radio. lots of different stations and genres to choose from!
  • 'Letter to a Young Songwriter' - a blog post about music, but applies to any pursuit.
  • 'How to write a short story' by Sydney Hegele - video on a method of coming up with and structuring short stories.
  • 'Contradictions in Characterization' - writing blog post with different types and examples of contradictions that can lend themselves to interesting characters.
  • works

  • wild geese by mary oliver - my favourite poem
  • (NSFW) artwork by @PunishedCorr on twitter - one of my favourite drawings by one of my favourite artists
  • (NSFW) @aizheajsee on twitter - amazing artwork! their brushwork has an emotional quality to it.